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TXD join Zonal and Mastercard at Cartes

Bonjour! We’re feeling very Parisian today as TXD join the EPoS provider Zonal and Datacash (a Mastercard company) at the Cartes trade show in Paris.

Making a public debut at the Mastercard cafe was the new iPhone mobile ordering application developed by TXD in conjunction with Zonal to deliver the first end to end, fully configurable, customer facing mobile food and drink ordering solution.

This fully integrated approach means that the menu interface is being driven by the data in the EPoS system so that when a customer orders their food or drink, they are doing the equivalent to standing behind the till tapping an order in. When they checkout, the till system then receives the order with appropriate transaction details and is flagged to a member of staff.

Our very own Matthew Brooks stated that “the Cartes solution has been configured to allow a customer to order their items and checkout using Mastercard paypass wallet”, “its just one of the payment methods that we can configure at this time”.

Want to bring your restaurant or bar up to date with the latest tech? For more information on mobile food ordering give me, Chris, a call on 01785 257777 and I’ll be happy to discuss.








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